Wild thoughts

Freeing thoughts, while exploring the uninhibited and wild use of colours.

The biscuit shop

The view of a neighbourhood biscuit shop never fails to incite joy.

Exploring the soft

Attempted a new style, explored the idea of softer gestures with earthly colours. To evoke tenderness or sorts. Always enjoyed the freestyle brush strokes.

Netflix Favourites

From Korean to Spanish TV series, to sports documentaries. Gotta watch em' all.

Just gonna...

Get some drink, get some sleep, write some stuff...


My interpretation and reaction to the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic

Stock Images

I drew myself into stock images to prove how ridiculous they are in real life

One-Liner Quickies

Countless of strokes and deleted paths—Not a quickie afterall.

Wedding works

I get to draw my friends' love life—What an honour.


Exploring the use of loud highlights and bold shading

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Raw and sketchy strokes for a book review


Fun and mindless, the best kind of doodling

Drawn with mouse

Earlier days without a drawing tablet, my mouse game was strong

2016 sketchbook

Rough ballpoint sketches on-the-go

Visual stuff

Some visual works for my church ✝

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