I enjoy the rigour of an iterative design process. Still learning and testing the lethal combination of a user-centered, data-informed and business-focused decision making prowess. may throw buzz words around.

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#Throwback Portfolios

A nostalgic and unabashed look back on all my previous portfolios and works.


Fast and iterative, like how it should be

I'm great at quick iterations and I quite like the rigour. I'm so fast that I'm learning to slow down—to pause, think and learn to start questioning the 'why'.

I'm efficient, but impatient.

I'm unlearning my speed and relearning the unhurried deliberate charm of designing.

"You're really fast.... play to your strength of efficiency."

Pranav Kosori, Co-founder and CTO at Flic, Stockholm — parting words as I wrapped up my one year internship. Speed has always been a double edge sword for me.


Team player?
Too easy.

"I'm a team player" says everyone. Yawn...
Team player is easy. But I take it up a notch. I foster collaboration, bring people together, rally a team and achieve goals.

I've a proven track record of fantastic working relationships with engineers. I'd say it's natural—but it's the intentional effort to understand their challenges and hard work at closing every feedback loop.

Truth is, I just got lucky with all the great engineers I've worked with.

"She was crucial at aligning the understanding of the flow between design and engineering."

Kyle Leong, Senior software engineer at Carousell.


Expert doodler.
Visual thinker.

I happen to wield the most powerful choice of weapon—Pen and paper.

Expert doodler. Visual thinker. Whatever you call it, I will nail it.

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Content-informed, Humour-driven

I write for the claps and to share on LinkedIn for personal branding—why else would you write articles for?

An okay writer but I overcompensate with my exceptional humour. Charmer.

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Influential as heck!

I moved the entire Carousell's product design team, system and workflow from Sketch to Figma—transforming how cross-functional teams collaborate and creating an #opendesign culture.

I convinced my designers. I toppled the incumbents. I'm influential as heck!

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Supercharged with jargons

Armed with a former design education in Industrial Design—I've spent my formative years picking up industry jargons and design buzz words.

Who cares about the meaning! We can throw them around in meetings and confuse the heck out of these non-designers, pfft!

What a force to be reckon with.

service design works3d works

I often imagine and think about subjects and objects in spaces. With an itch to doodle everything I perceive, it first led me to industrial design and eventually into product design.

About me-ish

Always looking for a coffee treat.